May your holidays be filled with joy and your new year filled with riches

From Liz, Dan and Don

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Xmas card 2016

2016 Events and Travels

Bride at 64 Xxxx We got married on 09-09-16 (Really!)

Trulli village Xxxx Bike Touring in Italy, Fortresses in Croatia!

Gorge Hike Xxxx Class Reunion and Gorges in Upstate New York Trip

100-year-old Tortoise X Ecuador's high Andes cities of Quito and Cuenca, the Amazon Rainforest, and Galapagos Islands

  1. A Day in Quito
  2. Hiking in the Andes and Galapagos
  3. Amazon Lodge, Rainforest and Critters
  4. Otavalo Market and Hacienda Cucin
  5. Galapagos: Santa Cruz and Tintoreras Sights
  6. Galapagos: Puerto Villamil by Bike
  7. Cuenca Architecture and Lifestyles
  8. Canari People and the Ingapirca (Inca) Ruins
  9. Blossoms and Flamingos
Don strikes an iconic pose for Anna Adea Xxx Wembly Drive Updates

Don has become the Birdman of Wembly Drive. He faithfully feeds dozens of feathered denizens every morning. They wait impatiently for him to spread seed across the back yard. Some greedy birds bogart the peanuts (as do the squirrels) and others pick daintily at specks. Flocks of different varieties come and go all day. We love watching them from the kitchen and family room windows. Don assembled this website of bird species that he and Dan have identified in our back yard (unless specified, we are not the photographers):

Wembly Drive Bird Catalog