Happy Holidays to You and Yours!

From Liz, Dan and Don

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Xmas card 2023

2023 Events and Travels

X California RV Moments

Sally the RV and Dan's sense of adventure made sure we took fun trips near and far all year long.

X Epic Ski Winter

You may have heard about last winter's epic snow in California, allowing us a record 40+ midweek days on the slopes. We are grateful to still be skiing and aging gracefully - so far!

X Southwest November Road Trip

An invitation to the wedding of Allison and T.J., Dan's nephew, was the perfect opportunity to drive to Plano, Texas for a Kibler family reunion with many stops along the route. Dan sure knows how to plan a road trip, including a prized Pismo Beach campsite the day before Thanksgiving with Dad. Brother Don managed the property for the entire month on his own and did an amazing job keeping up with fall and frost.

X Home and Family

We got in a lot of good family time this year. On Dan's side we luxuriated for a week on the Muckenfuss yacht. We also connected with four generations of Millers. Gardening, paddle boarding and local hiking and biking kept us in shape at home.