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What people are saying about Advanced In-Line Skating!

Cover"For the athlete looking for information on in-line skating, this book is the source. It's a very useful tool if you want to learn in-line sports of all types."

Bobby Hull Jr.

"Liz Miller has really done something special. In general, people do not automatically think of inline skating as being so versatile. There are so many different kinds of skating happening all over the world and this book gives the reader a glimpse at all the wonderful possibilities a pair of inline skates can provide. This book will be a service and much called upon resource for all facets of the inline industry."

Kris Simeone
Director of the IISA's Inline Certification Program (ICP)

"This book cracks open the world of in-line skating for those looking for more than straight-line skating on their local bike path. As people look for innovateve ways to reduce stress, have fun, and get and stay fit, Advanced In-Line Skating delivers a timely guide to getting the most from a pair of skates."

Adam Steer, Director of In-Line Certification Program (ICP) Canada

"Liz Miller's passion for the sport of inline skating comes across clearly in Advanced Inline Skating! This is the most complete resource for skaters of all abilities...could be considered the only resource a skater needs to take it to the next level, whatever that might be. Liz leaves no gray areas in sharing even the smallest details of every inline replace mystery with factual, updated information and resources. I would recommend this book to everyone, even beginners, for a comprehensive overview of the sport of inline skating. Well done!"

Suzanne Nottingham
IISA Examiner, co-author of Fitness In-Line Skating

"This book is the next logical step after Get Rolling. It's brimming with well-written, advanced skating techniques and key exercises to help transform you into the skater you want to be. Pack this book (with your helmet) in your skate bag and take it with you to the trail, road, or rink. It rocks and so will you!"

Jim Fink, Seattle Skate Patrol (and first buyer of an autographed copy of Advanced In-line Skating!)