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Liz has written three inline skating books, each designed to help you get more out of this wonderful sport and recreation. (Find out how Liz got rolling as an inline skater and writer.)

Get Rolling, the Beginner's Guide
to In-Line Skating

"This is the book I couldn't find when I first started learning to skate!" -- Liz Miller, Author and Publisher

Let Liz help you get rolling easily and safely on in-line skates. Start with fun, step-by-step drills on the fundamentals, then advance through the intermediate skills and essential fitness and downhill techniques. The book's 140 easy-to-read pages are packed with advice on equipment; building blocks for hockey, speed and even aggressive skating; and plenty of practical tips. Liz's own lively drawings plus photos by webmaster Dan Kibler make learning to in-line a truly "roll-igeous" experience! And in case you're wondering, Get Rolling is not just for Beginners!

Once you have your own copy, you'll know why Rollerblade's former Chairman of the Board Robert O. Naegele Jr. says: "Get Rolling is a masterpiece!"

California Inline Skating,
The Complete Guide to the Best Places to Skate

California Inline Skating is my guide to the best skates in the state. I spent months on the road exploring all of the greatest (and some not-so-great) spots from the Mexican border to Oregon. Believe me, there is a lot of good touring out there, some of it in truly beautiful locations. And with California's weather you can skate year round.

This book is out of print but not out of reach! See the tours online at our sister site

Advanced Inline Skating

Whether you want to tour back country roads, get unbelievably fit, dance, join a roller-hockey, -soccer or -basketball league or just run errands at a roll, here's the key to expanding your skating horizons. From tips to terms to techniques, Advanced In-Line Skating covers everything you will need to start exploring the ever-widening world of existing skating opportunities or to create a new rolling discipline of your own!

This book is out of print until Get Rolling Books decides to update and publish a second edition.

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