What people are saying about Get Rolling

"Although I'm a very 'seasoned skater,' I just started "blading" about a year ago. I've worked through about two thirds of the book and have found out a lot of things I had long forgotten or never knew at all!

"You did an excellent job with it; not only is it jam-packed with great techniques and valuable information, it's also very well organized and professionally assembled. I do, however, have one problem: You should be charging at least $25 - 30 for this work! Maybe twice that much if you can get it displayed at some of the rather elite ski pro shops."

John V. Larimer
Phoenix, Arizona
(the *first* buyer of Get Rolling 2nd edition)

"The more I refer to your book the more I appreciate your writing style. You go into instructional detail that works. I bring my reading glasses to the parking lots now (God forbid!) and I read and skate until I get it. Finally, finally I got backwards skating figured out.

"Thank you Liz, you're awesome. We will be fit at fifty without any doubt."

Jim Fink
Seattle, WA

"You may remember we corresponded by e-mail last year when I wrote to you about your superb Get Rolling book. And you gave me some good help on my parallel turns. Well I thought you would like to know that... I am now a certified Level 1 IISA Instructor! ...I'm not just blowing my own trumpet, of course, because you were my instructor, so you get at least half the credit! ... I had never had any face-to-face skating instruction or even seen any decent skaters to take tips from. All I had (but it was a great deal) was your book! I now find myself in the awesome position of being accredited to give instruction to other people...So a big thank you from a fan!"

Dominic Ferard
North Yorkshire, England

"Get Rolling will provide necessary information at a time when many are looking to increase their skills and find new skating challenges. In fact, some of your information was used at this weekend's workshop."

Joe Janasz
Past Executive Director
International In-Line Skating Association

"Congratulations! Get Rolling in its final form is a masterpiece. My father used to say 'If it's worth doing, you might as well do it correctly.' Your effort makes his prophecy come true."

Robert O. Naegele, Jr.
Chairman of the Board, Emeritus
Rollerblade, Inc.

"I really enjoyed your book. I found it interesting, very readable, and easy to understand. I especially appreciated the pep talks you provide your readers as you talk them through their first roll on in-lines. For someone just starting out and scared to death they're going to die, it is a welcome tone for you to use."

Dwayne Hebda
Sports Information Director
United States Amateur Confederation of Roller Skating

"The right book at the right time. Go for it! Congratulations."

Dan Poynter
Publisher, Author

"Next to my helmet and wrist guards, this book is my best safety gear and almost as good as a personal instructor."

Robert E. Campbell
Beginning skater

"A very, very heartfelt thanks to you. I re-read the book every time I need to summon up guts and psych myself."

Kamala E. Sarma
Beginning Skater

"Clear, simple illustrations and other user-friendly touches make this instructional and safety manual readily digestible."

Henry Berry
The Small Press Book Review

"I like your book. Anyone taking up the sport, serious or not, should read it."

Harry Strobel
Owner, Strobel's Ski Shop, In-line skate retailer

"This guide is jam-packed with information, accompanied by clean drawings and illustrations . . . with some helpful tips on techniques and suggestions for drills."

Daniel J. Levinson, History and English Teacher
Reviewed in Kliatt Young Adult Paperback Book Guide

"I know one thing: reading your book first helped me a lot. I had an idea, a plan of action, moves to practice and goals to meet."

Laurie Bozanich
Customer Service Representative
Sailboard expert

"The basics of the lessons are sound. Given the growing popularity of in-line skating, consider this book for older students."

Sherry Hoy, Reviewer
The Book Report, Journal for High School Librarians

"Excellent book! You did your homework, covered the topic and also gave the book personality. Nice job!"

Jim Bradley
Beginning skater, nuclear engineer


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