Get Rolling, the Beginner's Guide to In-Line Skating

The Third and Best Edition Yet!

A popular instructor certified by the United Skate Schools Group, Liz Miller wrote the first edition of Get Rolling because, she says, it was the lesson book she wished she'd had as a beginner back in 1991. With an easy, encouraging format and an inviting, laid-back style, Liz builds on the IISA/ICP teaching standards to guide novice as well as intermediate and advanced skaters through 80-plus lessons and drills, covering safety and equipment along the way.

Liz will show you how to get rolling--and stop rolling!--as quickly and safely as possible. In the Beginning Skills chapter, her step-by-step instruction on fundamental positions and movements (everything from Stances to Strokes to Scissors to Swizzles) will get you started quickly and safely while preparing you for the more advanced moves you'll find in the Intermediate Skills, Advanced Slaloms and "Roll-Aerobics" chapters. Plenty of photos and Liz's own lively drawings make learning to in-line even easier and more fun.

Get Rolling is packed with good advice, too, including where to skate, what to wear, smart shopping tips for skates and safety gear, and how to get in touch with in-line organizations and publications that support recreational skaters and roller hockey, fitness, aggressive, figure and speed skating enthusiasts.

It's the only in-line skating book you'll need--and the only one around that takes you stride-by-stride through the IISA/ICP curriculum.

"Get Rolling is a masterpiece!"
Robert O. Naegele, Jr.
Former Chairman of the Board, Rollerblade, Inc.
IISA President Emeritus
Chairman, Naegele Communications

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Get Rolling is your own personal tutor for gearing up and learning the basics of safe in-line skating and beyond in the shortest possible time. Find out for yourself with lessons and balance drills that are guaranteed to build your skill and confidence while introducing you to the most exhilarating sport of the 90's!

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