Get Rolling: About the Third Edition

The Beginner's Guide to Inline Skating by Liz Miller

The third edition of Get Rolling reflects my perspectives on in-line skating gained through a decade of continuous involvement with the sport. I had more experience and compassion than ever as your personal in-line tutor, with two certifications from the International In-Line Skating Association’s Inline Certification Program (IISA/ICP) and years of teaching under my belt. This book stands out from others not only because of its adherence to the ICP standards used worldwide, but for another quality that remains unchanged from the first edition: Get Rolling still approaches the sport with unparalleled empathy for the apprehensive beginning skater.

To make your path to success more clear, each lesson in this edition is introduced with a two-bullet overview such as this example from the In-line Fundamentals section:

What it is: Stances, terms, falling, getting up.
How to learn: Eight mini-lessons on the carpet.

The third edition of Get Rolling has a few new drills developed from years of observing how people learn. I also added a section on Yoga for skaters because the poses can be very effective for increasing balance and strength as well as for stretching tight muscles after a long roll. I have experienced all of these benefits firsthand.

The lessons in this edition continue to reflect the ICP's methods for teaching both beginning and intermediate skills. Balance and mobility drills are consolidated at the end of each lesson chapter. Besides my familiar step-by-step approach, most moves are also supplemented by non-rolling preparatory exercises and tips for conquering the most common learning problems.

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