Get Rolling Chapter Summaries


The introduction describes what's new in the third edition of Get Rolling, the Beginner's Guide to In-Line Skating and summarizes the remaining chapters. It concludes with advice for the best approach to get the most out of each lesson.

Chapter 1 - Get Ready to Roll

Read a brief sport history and discover just a few of the benefits of in-line skating. There are tips on pre-skate strategies for success, and cross references to the skills to focus on if you are interested in pursuing roller hockey, fitness, aggressive, figure or speed skating later on.

Chapter 2 - Avoiding Injury

Understand the choices you make that ensure you skate safely: wearing protective gear, learning the basics, maintaining equipment, and adopting an expert's attitude.

Chapter 3 - Getting Equipped

Learn about proper fit and features to consider when buying skates and protective gear for yourself or your child. Plan ahead for skating in different weather conditions and what to pack in your skater's gear bag.

Chapter 4 - Beginning Skills

Learn the eight beginning in-line skills by experiencing the body positions standing still, then gradually adding the movements through a sequence of drills and play.

Chapter 5 - Intermediate Skills

Learn fifteen intermediate skills via stationary and rolling drills, then practice them using mobility and balance exercises. Tackle four impressive tricks and learn how to deal with common urban obstacles.

Chapter 6 - Advanced Slaloms

If you enjoy the pull of gravity, here are the skills that will help you learn to love downhill skating.

Chapter 7 - Getting Fit on with Roll-Aerobics

Learn where and how to get an aerobic workout on your in-lines, how to track your heart rate, and how to warm up and cool down for a good cardiovascular work out.

Chapter 8 - Great Places to Skate

Discover the locations in every town where fun skating is likely to be found, plus invaluable safety tips about skating on bike routes, road shoulders, in groups, and at night.

Appendix - Yoga for Skaters

Yoga can improve your strength, balance and flexibility. This appendix offers a selection of Yoga poses to help skaters in each of these three areas, with illustrations and descriptions for getting into each pose.

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