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Advanced In-Line Skating Chapter Summaries

Part One

Chapter 1: Equipping Your Sports Closet describes skate gear and accessories, how to maintain your equipment, the skaters' first aid kit along with advice for treating road rash, and the nice-to-have items that make a day of skating easier and more fun.

Chapter 2: Key Skills for the Advanced Skater describes the beginning and intermediate skills that every advanced skater should possess, including step-by-step instructions for a powerful and efficient stride; discusses both uphill and downhill techniques and offers a bag o' tricks that develop balance, agility and coordination.

Chapter 3: Fitness Skating describes how to build aerobic and muscular endurance and decrease body fat, avoid injury through warm-ups, stretching and cool-down, map your own fitness skating program, and use other sports for cross training to improve your inline performance.

Chapter 4: Inline Touring introduces the concept of route exploration on inlines, including how to properly prepare for adventure-filled skating jaunts. Find out how to plan for everything from a day trip to a city's Friday Night Skate to a week-long guided tour in another state or country.

Chapter 5: Skate to Ski is a gift to alpine ski enthusiasts. This chapter describes proper slalom form and then moves on to a series of progressive drills that will make your first day back on skis a magical experience.

Chapter 6: Freestyle describes street dance, figure skating and slaloming through a row of cones. Learn the lingo, practice some popular dance, slalom and artistic moves and read about opportunities for formal competition.

Part Two

Chapter 7: Speed Skating describes speed skate components, technique, race formats and how to prepare for a race. Its Resources section lists the organizations, publications and workshops racers depend on to gain a competitive edge.

Chapter 8: Roller Hockey presents what you need to know about gearing up, basic rules of the game, where to learn key footwork and stick handling skills, a glossary of roller hockey terms and moves, and how to find a team or league to play with.

Chapter 9: Aggressive Skating introduces the world of street and ramp skating, including the gear, a translation of some trick names, starter skills, and the most popular sources for learning tricks both online and in print.

Chapter 10: Technical Downhill describes the techniques of harnessing speed for maximum performance on steep, slalom runs. Learn about the courses, the races, survival skills, special gear, and gate training.

Chapter 11: Hybrid Team Sports Roller Soccer requires agility, finesse, and a few like-minded friends. You'll find the sport history, basic rules, court layout, gear and terms to get a new team rolling. Roller Basketball gives hoops addicts the skinny on organizing teams for participation in a league game, including skate-specific rules, prerequisite skills and court requirements.