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Inline Skating Newsletter Article

When Skating is a Pain

By Liz Miller

Leg Pain

Beginning skaters often experience pains in the lower leg and foot muscles. Typically, these are due to the causes below.

The short-term fix for all of the above problems is to sit down and undo all the buckles and laces to regain full circulation in your feet. After a moment or two, pull and straighten out the tongue and then re-lace and buckle up. Time and more skating experience are the long-term fixes.

Back Pain

In general, skating with a ramrod straight or swayback will cause pain sooner than a spine retaining more of its natural curves. Assuming the absence of a bad disc or other chronic problems, back pain can plague both beginning and advanced skaters in these two circumstances:

Two skaters reducing wind resistanceThe ability to skate in an aerodynamic tuck is not something a person can develop overnight. It takes months of skating for longer and longer periods to build the required muscular tolerance. Here are ways to alleviate or reduce back pain during the conditioning period:

Off-skates activities to reduce back pain

Boot Fit Pain

A particular footRegardless of your skill level, the more your skates hurt your feet, the less progress you can make toward becoming an advanced skater. Assuming you have done your best in selecting the right skates and proper fit, here are the most common problems and what to do about them:

Pressure points

Sole irritations

Other problems