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Inline Skating Newsletter Article

Helmets - All It takes is Just One Slip

By Liz Miller

Remember when your mother used to make you eat your broccoli "because it's good for you"? Well, gather 'round skaters, while I do my broccoli thing.

We need to spend some serious moments talking about the importance of wearing a helmet while skating. With a serious attitude about safety, your carefree skating career will probably be more fun and last a lot longer.

Like many others, I skated helmetless at first. But then something happened that radically changed my perspective.

A personal story

Recently I learned that my friend Mike (not his real name), a father, fellow desktop publisher and an in-line skating buddy, finally died after 11 months in a coma. Last July, we'd shared dinner just hours before he slipped and landed on the back of his head in-line skating. Mike would be a sought-after instructor today if he had been wearing the helmet he'd borrowed for the weekend. I know I'll never skate bareheaded again.

You call that an excuse?

You'll notice that the majority of skaters out there are not wearing helmets. Here are the excuses I used for a year:

Oh, please, Liz! Could funny hair be any worse than never skating again?

Four compelling reasons to cover up!

Helmets play a powerful role in preventing head injuries, which can be the most deadly of all. Statistics have proved that in-line skating beginners are even more at risk for injuries to the back of the head because they often skate straight-legged, resulting in a tendency to fall backward. Before you decide you don't need a helmet, please do yourself (and your loved ones) a favor by considering the following points.